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You should reckon with these costs.

While in colloquial language the construction costs mean all expenses caused by the construction, experts differentiate very precisely what individual construction costs are incurred for.

Because in addition to the costs for the pure house construction , the costs for the property , the ancillary construction costs and the costs after the house construction must also be taken into account. So that you don't lose the overview right away, we summarize all the costs incurred in an overview.


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Cost of building a house:

Cost of building a house: Cost of the property: ancillary construction costs: Costs after building the house:
– bottom plate – Property – building permit – Kitchen
– Shell – notary fees – soil survey – floor coverings
– Facade – brokerage commission – development – Painting work
– Insulation – Creation of a land charge – measurement – Carport or garage
– Roof – land register entry – Insurance when building a house – Paths / garage entrance
– Window – real estate transfer tax – Site electricity, site water and consumption costs – Hedge or fence
– doors – possibly demolition of old building – engineering services – terrace
– electrics – Cistern / ditch
– Heating – Lawns and beds
– Sanitary installation
– Basement, cellar